Park Information Coco

Welcome Friends!

I’m CoCo, the official Mascot and Ambassador of CoCo Key Water Park in Danvers, MA, my home and most favorite place on earth!

Did you know that CoCo Key is the largest indoor water park in Massachusetts? There’s so much to do here, I can’t wait for you to visit. Every day is a new adventure!

  • As the Ambassador of one of the best water parks near Boston, MA, I get to meet people from all over the country and spend time with them while they are at the park – splashing around, hanging out, taking pictures and doing all sorts of fun activities. There is even a special breakfast with me. I’m having a great time making all sorts of new friends and I’m very excited to meet you too!

Don’t forget to let me know if it’s your birthday or if there is a special reason you’re visiting the park. I love parties and will want to celebrate with you at our Danvers water park!

Thanks for stopping by.


All About Me!

Favorite Slide
My favorite slide is Shark Slam. The curves are SO fast that sometimes the water tickles my feathers!

Favorite Food
I love relaxing in the poolside cabanas and putting up my flippers while eating Cheese Pizza from Gator’s Grab & Go! Sometimes I am messy though, and get sauce on my feathers! Oops!

Favorite Part of CoCo Key
I like to start my day by shaking my tail feathers while playing Guitar Hero at the Key Quest Arcade, especially when my new friends join in the fun with me!

Favorite Activities
I love that it is 84 degrees and warm in the park because I can splash around and have a blast while getting my feathers wet to keep me cool! From the birthday parties where I surprise my friends to relaxing in the Dip-In Theater, I love every part of my home at CoCo Key!

My Birthday
Did you know that my birthday might be the same as yours? If your birthday is on Memorial Day, then we share the same birthday! Isn’t that cool?! Don’t worry if we don’t. You can celebrate your birthday any day of the year with me. I love birthday cake! I can hardly wait!